Roisven Jr. G
Certified Caregiver Graduated w/ extensive experience with senior, child and disabled care.
Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, WA, Philippines
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About Roisven Jr.


I am Roisven Galdo, a licensed and trained Caregiver. I am interested to apply as Family Caregiver. My experience as caregiver has been the type necessary to the competent handling of duties you require. My education, training and experience are highly valuable in broadening my general ability and knowledge with the medical world. My practicum and experience include different government institutions such as National Red Cross, Developmental Centre for Children w/ Special Needs, Provincial Hospital and Orthopedic & Wheelchair Distribution Centre. I am very much flexible, equipped with very good personnel relations. I am computer literate and received a sound training in the fundamentals of grammar. I am confident of my ability to demonstrate the full value of my service as soon as you give me the chance to do so. I was in Toronto from November 2015 until January of 2016. My experiences and training acquired for Adults, Seniors, and Child Care include the following: Caregiver • First Aid Measures / Emergency & Rescue • Care for the Sick • Basic Nursing and Child Care • Hygienic Measures and Grooming • Home Management and Sanitation • Housekeeping & Orderliness • Therapeutic and Bodily Exercise • Grocery & Food Selection • (CPR) Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation As a Caregiver, my services include, but not limited to the following: Supervision and care for children, seniors, and adults; Bathe, dress and feed infants & children/clients; Prepare for rest periods; Organize, activities such as games and outings; Prepare craft materials and assist children in using them; Assist in personal hygiene and social development; Read to children during bedtime and assist children with homework and school-related stuff; Prepare and serve nutritious meals; Sterilize bottles & lunch box; Prepare formulas for children; Assist clients during toileting and changing of diapers for infants; Shop for food and household supplies; Perform housekeeping and cleaning duties; Observe children & prepare reports of daily activity for parents; Travel with family on trips and assist with supervision and housekeeping duties; Maintain a safe and healthy environment in the home; Take children to & from school and to appointments; Provide high quality personal care services that are in accordance with care plans, policies, and procedures. I am committed to ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of clients are met, and bring a dedicated client-first attitude to this important role. On top of all these, I am also great with family pets, I do have 3 dogs at home and I am open to live-in position which means I am available for extended hours and can babysit at night. I am a non-smoker and I am proud to say that I have no derogatory records whatsoever. I have been granted the Caregiving National Certificate or NC-II and passed the IELTS Exam. I have qualified for Express Entry for Federal Skilled Workers for Canada. I am an experienced Caregiver with training in Basic Life Support, Emergency Rescue, and Health & Safety. I will be attaching my Resume to help you in assessing my qualifications. Should you desire to consider me for the position, my e-mail address is I can be reached at +63-9177194751. A personal interview would be mutually advantageous. Alternatively, you may contact my sister in Etobicoke, Canada at 416-821-3501 (cell phone) or 416-916-0791 (home). She will be happy to answer any questions you have about me. Thank you very much =) P.S. Resume' available upon request to help you in assessing my qualification and competencies. To be sent via e-mail. Please do review my resume first before coming up with a decision. I am highly qualified, plus I'm willing to pay for my own plane fare. I'm really interested in the job.

Job Details

  • Job Type -
  • Type of work -
    Full Time
  • Type of Position -
  • Wage ($) -
    11.50 Hourly
  • Availability -
    40-48 Hours Weekly
  • Education Level -
    Bachelor's degree

CareProfessional Details

  • Language
  • Other Lanhguages
    Filipino, Tagalog
  • Comfortable with pets
  • Criminal Record


    • Years of Experience
      4-7 years
    • Childcare Experience
    • Home Care Experience
    • Special Needs Experience
    • Housekeeping/Cleaning Experience
    • Pet Care Experience
    • Tutoring Experience

    Provide Care

    • New born(up to 12 months)
    • Toddler(1-3 years)
    • Early school age(4-6 years)
    • Primary school age(7-12 years)
    • Teenager(12+ year)
    • Elderly
    • Senior
    • Persons with disabilities

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