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Professional Nanny/babysitter, Need LMIA sponsorship
Doha, Doha, Doha
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About Abigael


Hi, I’m Abigael De Guzman, a professional nanny/babysitter with fantastic experience in taking care of newborn, infants todlers and prescholers. I’m 29 yrs old with simple values in life. I enjoy life as it is. I’m sweet, kind person and fun loving to children. I enjoy cooking, baking and playing with children. For my experience as a baby sitter /nanny, I a registered nurse but i choose to work in private health home care. I took care mostly of newborn , infants todlers with the mother of new born. Together with that some cooking and preparing of healthy and nutritious food for the kids. I have culinary skills thats why I know baking and making pastries,sweets etc. I know some american , european, asian cuisine. For reference I can give contact of some of the family I’ve worked in Qatar and I can provide you the employment certificate. I will be happily taking care of your children, this is my passion, this is what I want to do. This job job i mostly enjoyed. Best regards Abigael

Job Details

  • Job Type -
  • Type of work -
    Full Time
  • Type of Position -
  • Wage ($) -
    15 Hourly
  • Availability -
    8 Hours Monthly
  • Education Level -
    Bachelor's degree

CareProfessional Details

  • Language
  • Other Lanhguages
  • Comfortable with pets
  • Criminal Record


    • Years of Experience
      4-7 years
    • Childcare Experience
    • Home Care Experience
    • Special Needs Experience
    • Housekeeping/Cleaning Experience
    • Pet Care Experience
    • Tutoring Experience

    Provide Care

    • New born(up to 12 months)
    • Toddler(1-3 years)
    • Early school age(4-6 years)

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