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Lina Maria Gomez Huertas
, , Alberta
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About Lina Maria


My name is Lina Gomez and I am 27 years old. I live and grew up in Bogot√°, Colombia. I am a nurse since 2014 and I love my career. The main experience with children was when I work in San Miguel, Santander promoting and preventing prevalence of children's illness. I was in charge of taking care of children in emergency situations, hospitalization service and home visits. I was prepared with a strategy that's called Integrated Management of childhood illness and I learned to manage a difficult children's circumstance like pain or tantrums, to help in some children's activities like make healthy meals and organize a creative games. Finally, I promote a positive behavior into the family, I like to use lot praise and I don't use to scream or mistreat to correct the children. I am a calm, happy, spontaneous and gentle person. My closest friends think that I am highly tender and funny person because I try to be very positive despite of the situation. The main reason that a family should choose me is because my profession as a nurse has given me a certain and unique passion to work with and for people. I have experience working with growth and development programs monitoring how kids of all ages evolve during all the stages of their . I am always open to help others, to share my experience and my expertise and I am always ready to learn something new, especially if it makes me a better and helpful person.

Job Details

  • Job Type -
    Term or Contract
  • Type of work -
    Full Time
  • Type of Position -
  • Wage ($) -
    13 Hourly
  • Availability -
    44 Hours Weekly
  • Education Level -
    Bachelor's degree

CareProfessional Details

  • Language
  • Other Lanhguages
  • Own Vehicle
  • Comfortable with pets
  • Criminal Record
  • Driving Record


  • Years of Experience
    1-3 years
  • Childcare Experience
  • Home Care Experience
  • Special Needs Experience
  • Housekeeping/Cleaning Experience
  • Pet Care Experience
  • Tutoring Experience

Provide Care

  • New born(up to 12 months)
  • Toddler(1-3 years)
  • Early school age(4-6 years)
  • Primary school age(7-12 years)
  • Teenager(12+ year)

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