We make it easy to find the perfect care professional for your family.


  • Step one determine your family needs:
  • What type of care is needed in your home? What are your working hours? Do you need a care professional who can drive and own a car?

  • Step two review care professionals’ profiles:
  • Make sure the care professional profile matches your family needs.

  • Step three sample Interview Questions:
  • A sample of the types of questions you want to ask during the interview process when hiring a care professional. To receive a sample interview questions, please email us at info@careprofessional.ca

  • Step four meet the care professionals:
  • Setup interviews so that you or your family gets to meet the care professional

  • Step five reference Check: Personal & Previous Employer
  • A sample of the types of questions you want to ask the care professional's references.

  • Step six Criminal Check

  • Step seven make an offer:
  • Have you found the right care professional for your family needs? Once you have reached a decision of employing the care professional, send an employment offer.

  • Step eight welcome your care professional:
  • Introduce your new care professional to all members of your families and friends.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@careprofessional.ca

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