Nanny Services in Canada

Nannies are employed by parents or grandparents to look after their kids within their home. The main purpose of keeping a nanny is to make sure that the kids are safe. Nannies are charged according to their responsibilities that are decided with the parents. To fulfill the physical, emotional, social and intellectual wants of the kids is a very complex task for any nanny. In short, they're responsible for all domestic tasks associated with looking after the kid along with doing the children’s laundry.

While the nanny services can vary from post to post, typical nanny services in Toronto include:

  • Dressing the kids
  • Bathing the kids
  • Promoting and teaching sensible hygiene practices
  • Preparing nutritive meals and snacks for the good health of a baby, together with bottles and baby food
  • Doing the children’s laundry
  • Keeping the children’s areas neat and clean
  • Transporting kids to and from activities and appointments
  • Providing age-appropriate activities
  • Hosting and/or attending play teams
  • Implementing and/or maintain the child’s routine
  • Putting kids down for naps and/or bed
  • Reading to the kids
  • Creating a secure setting for the kids to freely explore
  • Teaching kids about the disciplined practice as told by their oldsters.
  • Supervising and helping with prep
  • Modeling and teaching the personal manner
  • Modeling and teaching accountable citizenship
  • Provide basic first-aid, as needed
  • Administer medications, as specially directed
  • Ensuring the kids pay adequate time outdoors
  • Serving as a trusty companion to the kids.

In addition to those typical responsibilities, depending on the family’s wants there can be many additional responsibilities. The nanny services are ought to be clearly articulated and written in a family/nanny work agreement. Adults and nannies list down the selected responsibilities to avoid misunderstanding, confusion and unclear expectations.

The key to finding the proper nanny for your child is never so simple. Do not compromise on this issue and realize that it can affect your child’s upbringing very seriously. We at make sure to provide you smart, intelligent, social and disciplined nannies so that you can find the nanny of your dreams easily. Our different nanny agencies include Nanny Services Vancouver, Nanny Services Montreal, Nanny Services Otawwa, Nannies Edmonton, Nanny Services Victoria, Nanny Services Brampton, Live Out Nanny and Nannying Overseas.

Our system works by connecting nannies to the families. The women who are willing to be a nanny come to our agencies and we pre-screen them already so that you don’t have to waste extra time. Then, whenever a person finding a nanny comes to us, we show them the list of women that are willing to take care of their kids. They can see the list of all candidates and choose the best from them for interviewing.

You'll need to wait and consult everybody from friends and family to nanny agencies to search out potential candidates. Here are the steps to find the best nanny services in Calgary.


Step one: Determine Your Priorities

First, decide what you would like. Visit different nanny services agencies, concerning what your ideal nanny would be like. Does one need somebody older who's mature and experienced? How much independence do you need your nanny to give to your child?

Step Two: Do your analysis

Get the word out. In several communities, nanny and care coaching programs are present in community centers, charities, and alternative organizations. You can also contact Canadian nanny Services. These corporations screen candidates before agreeing to represent them.

You'll have to pay a hefty fee for this service – from $800 to $8,000 or additional, counting on wherever you reside and what services you would like – however you may save time.

Step three: Interview

Talk to as many candidates as you'll be able to. Raise specific questions about their work expertise and childrearing philosophies. Also ask about their personal interests, after-work activities, driving record, and background. Use our nanny interview sheet.

It is often very helpful to incorporate your kid once you meet with interviewees, therefore, you'll be able to see however they get on. Listen to your gut. If it does not feel right, it in all probability is not.

Step four: Check references

After interviewing, shortlist the candidates and check their references. If you already did this as a part of the prescreening method, be at liberty and raise more elaborate queries for extra references. Always ask the nanny's strengths and weaknesses. Do not skip this step.

Step five: Do An Effort Run

Ask finalists to come to your home one at a time for a number of days. Examine her activities about how she interacts along with your kid. After observing her for a specific time period, you can keep her on a permanent basis.

There is no specific difference between a nanny and au pair in the context of responsibilities. But some basic differences between them are listed below:

  • An AU pair has a specific age limit while a nanny can be of any age.
  • An AU pair has already decided working hours but in case of nannies, the working hours are decided by the host’s family and nanny conjointly.
  • An AU pair has a cultural exchange program and must have a different nationality than any one of the parents while a nanny is from the same region and same country.
  • An AU pair receives pocket money from the host’s family while a nanny receives a salary that should be equal to the minimum wage of the country at least.
  • As an AU pair has a cultural difference therefore, they can have to attend a language course while the nannies don’t really need it.
  • An AU pair is considered a family member temporarily while a nanny is considered an employee.
  • In many countries, an AU pair can get a visa to work in any foreign country, but if a nanny wants to work abroad then she must have the work permit. She cannot work on an AU pair Visa.
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